My initial experiences as an interpreter came in the Chicago law courts where I did my best to remain neutral/invisible while linguistically striving to ensure that immigrant factory workers received due compensation after losing a hand, foot, eye, etc. in the scramble for a slightly stale piece of the American Pie. Around that time I was beginning a parallel career as a professional musician and, quick to note the benefits of an additional source of freelance income, began to ply both these trades simultaneously. 

Happily, my musical experiences have been wide-ranging, both artistically and geographically, and my work as a translator/interpreter has blossomed into much more than a sideline. I find both worlds challenging and fulfilling and feel lucky to have a foot in each.


The “Translation” page (see tab in menu above) contains information regarding my work in this field, a link where you can download a copy of my curriculum in English or Spanish, work samples and client recommendations.

The “Sound Design” page has links to music I've created for a variety of  film/television/dance/theater projects, with my current band Xumapaz and even some blasts from my musical past.

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